Imagine something extraordinary, lasting quality, inspired construction and, most importantly, peaceful Gardening.
Michigan Greenhouse Company
Michigan Greenhouse Company
Michigan Greenhouse Company

Custom Designs

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Custom Designs & Lifetime Warranties

An old-fashioned tradition with contemporary class. Authentic and elegant style.

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Wind Loads 90 MPH+, Snow Loads 30 LB+

& Hail Resistant

Perfect for a book and a rainstorm, or for hosting a cocktail party in your own personal botanical paradise – any season of the year.

For Any Season

Home Attached Designs Available
Strongest greenhouses available that will last a lifetime. Beautiful designs available in any size and any colour.
Energy Efficient Polycarbonate
Weather resistant and energy efficient saves on heating costs. Mix and match glazing to suit your climate.
Four Seasons of Growing
Extra wide roof vents and lockable door for maximum ventilation. Extra high sidewalls perfect for tall plants and shelving. Easily upgrade your structure for high winds and heavy snow.

Customer Testimonials

See what our lifelong clients are saying about Michigan Greenhouse Company.

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“I couldn’t wait to have our greenhouse installed. It’s the perfect addition to our backyard and the crown jewel of our garden. And, I can start my seeds two months earlier.”
— Kenneth D.

“The structural integrity on this greenhouse is nothing short of miraculous. I returned from an out-of-state vacation to find that 14” of snow had fallen – the load-bearing roof didn’t flinch. Not only that, but being able to tend to and appreciate my plants in the middle of a Wisconsin winter is a godsend.”

— Evan J.

“I love to hide from my husband in our new home-attached greenhouse. I typically bring along a book and a big glass of wine – sometimes I even let him come with me.”
— Deborah P.