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From luxury garden room home additions to agricultural/educational growing facilities, Michigan Greenhouse Company has been a leader in properly built greenhouses that are designed to handle the Great North’s heavy snow loads and cold temperatures. Engineered with heavy duty sub-structures and proper glazing systems MGC has an understanding of how to create a growing space for both backyard growers and large commercial operations. Today you can see many of their structures from Detroit to Traverse City and across the UP.

About Wisconsin Greenhouse Company
About Michigan Greenhouse Company
Michigan Greenhouse Company

Michigan Greenhouse Company was originally founded by the “Greenhouse Godfather,” Ray Hosking. Ray and his son Jordan began their greenhouse journey nearly 20 years ago as a national installation company for the largest greenhouse manufacturers. Some of their most notable installations include high profile projects: rooftops in New York City and Long Beach California, Ocean Research facilities in the Boston Metro, as well as major Universities across the country, high-end home additions, large agricultural projects, and countless more. After contracting over 350+ projects within their first decade they became a sought-after team in the greenhouse and solarium industry and installation world. Their prestigious reputation led them into distributor status with some of North America’s best manufacturers of steel and aluminum frames, as well as greenhouse coverings (glass and polycarbonate) and greenhouse equipment.

Today MGC is run in partnership with Wisconsin Greenhouse Company which is headquartered in Madison Wisconsin. Although Ray still plays a small role in the company he is focused more on Fishing, Hunting and Exploring the UP. When contacting MGC you’ll likely connect with Max Vandette along with senior members of Wisconsin Greenhouse Company.

Today, customers’ garden rooms and greenhouse projects are planned mainly through email and zoom calls, but both WGC and MGC are available for site visits and in-depth planning for your growing project dreams.

Please contact us anytime to go over the greenhouse projects you have in mind. 269.615.4741

About Wisconsin Greenhouse Company
About Wisconsin Greenhouse Company